One for the pedants

Typical, hardly anything to interfere with….

Defining Society 2.0?

Drinking all this coffee is giving me a headache. Plus everyone is having a go at me about the name Society2.0. In fact a faceless pedant at The World’s Leading said something that rhymed with ‘it’s a load of tank.’

Part of the problem is that anything 2.0 has become so ambiguous, not to say clichéd, that it makes people retch. But this reaction hides the point that 2.0 is about fundamental changes in the way we communicate brought on by web2.0 and social media – and this is having a serious impact on society. Now I am not sure what these changes are but in the spirit of participation I’d like to ask any one who cares to help with the definition. As a pay back for its scorn TWL has agreed to facilitate this debate see and also I have some coffee to finish. So Society2.0 is just short hand for now if anyone can give me something better then I would love to hear from you.



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3 responses to “One for the pedants

  1. Jordi Ballera

    To be honest I would say that I do not know what society 2.0 is all about. It has something to do with sharing information and linking people, I’d say. But what else? Let’s look at youtube, my space, flikr… Sure, it’s about sharing pics and videos and linking people… But it’s not about creating communities. This is its main weakness. It’s just a bunch of links, not a community. Sad but true.

  2. just bump it up to “4.0”
    mhn, -twice as relevant.

  3. Jac

    Don’t you mean predants?

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