If there is one thing possibly more sacrosanct than cold coffee it is a Bloody Mary.  So you can imagine a certain degree of angst when I discovered recently the 2.0 bottom-up-bug had started to mess with this important institution.  To be clear I found a place that prided itself on a do-it-yourself Bloody Mary where the everyday punter was expected to pay not only for the ingredients but the privilege of putting the drink itself together. You see in my traditional view any cocktail, let alone one as important as the tomato juice king, needs to be prepared by a highly-qualified professional bar person who is not only able to create the right beverage but also exudes respect for the institution.  This is a question of nuance. A Cosmopolitan should be delivered with a certain panache, a Slow Comfortable Screw with the right degree of irony and cheekiness, and clearly the BM with respect.  The democratisation of the building process clearly drives a train through this conceit  So standing in the special drink-creation section of the bar as I surveyed the smorgasbord of ingredients, I was deeply worried as to the outcome.  Yet just as I was about to enquire into the opportunities of work in Patagonia (surely they still believe in tradition there) a colleague came to the rescue.  This chap,  who shall for ever more be Bob ‘The Mary’ Grove, took the mountain of ingredients and knocked up four drinks that were worthy of serving on the morning after the Annual Vituallers Gala Ball. So a radical thought for Hargreaves  Does bottom-up actually lead to better processes?   Firstly depends who you know I guess. So this brings me back to participation.  For years I have been trying to complete an opus entitled Great Bloody Marys of My Time, a riveting read I am sure except for the fact that actually there are too many great bloody Marys. JFK Airport has a bar with a good one, The Sirenuse Hotel in Positano the best but, more often than not, they disappoint; including at The Ritz I should add. So in the best traditions of the bottom-up, wiki fuelled new world, I would be grateful for any tips that could help me speed up my research and foster my new found democratic fervour.  



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2 responses to “A BOTTOM-UP BLOODY MARY

  1. Upstairs bar of the Groucho and the small bar at the froct of the Wolsely.

  2. Robert Phillips

    Doesn’t matter where you drink it, Jon. The secret ingredient is a shot of Cream Sherry. I jest not.

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