Twitter this … for Pete’s sake

Quommm …. on.   Cold coffee in Berlin was fun and the lasting memory of check point Charlie was not the rush toward freedom but the use of a twitter wall.   The Berlin twitter wall was my first taste of the new transparency as a face-to-face medium and I am not sure if I agree.  In fact the whole phenenoma of closed groups using digtial communications to talk about others amongst themselves is slightly unnerving.   It strikes me that as telecoms and Internet colide that there is a need to reassess some of the rules around digital communications.  Does the personal closed, opt-in world of telecoms over ride the established ideas of Internet?  Certainly in terms of Twitter and how it is being used there seems to be a need for a new Twittiquette.  Any thoughts on what this would look like?  Is it a sounding board or a broadcast mega phone?

Not wanting to ressurect check points



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3 responses to “Twitter this … for Pete’s sake

  1. Jere

    Couldn’t agree more. It appeared to be more of an anti-social than a social network where you stated the obvious i.e. Joe just said xyz….

    Seemed like more of a venue for people living in their parent’s basement to connect rather than one where people delivered relevant information for the world.

  2. Pete

    We all know those unfortunate people with awkward social skills. They laugh at the wrong times, blurt out seemingly inappropriate comments, and generally lack awareness of conversational tempo. Similar to other Social Media technologies, Twitter simply takes this human awkwardness, digitizes it, and posts it on the Web for all to see.

  3. Jonathan

    Jeez and I was hoping no one would notice my social problems … now I am going to have start twittering … acerbic

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