Coffee Futures & Autobots

Coffee drinking has been troubled since being hit by the autobot on the dangers of drinking coffee.   I am taking liberties with the phrase, as spambot did quite fit and autobot was the nearest that Bentwood and I could come up to define an automated blog posting. 

There is something spooky about how science fiction ruthlessly predicts our future.  Let’s hope the spider civilisation scenario is the picture of future that get’s it wrong  and not the image of Princess Lea’s side buns.  I am not sure where I came across the sci-fi concept of autobots,  so if anyone can point me in the right direction I would be grateful.   It seems there’s an Arthur C Clarke fusion with a Dr Who character somewhere and I would be keen to get grips with the true nature of autobotdom: good or bad?  

Clearly there is something in the nature of the autobot that is truly authentic, certainly after reading on the horrors of a life on coffee I am more informed, educated and exposed to a higher level of transparency than coffee manufactures would prefer.  I particularly enjoyed knowing that drinking decaff would n’t get me off the hook.  Imagine if this level of transparency had been available from the first days of cigarette marketing?  Certainly it would be harder for so many people to have so blithely shrugged off the health warnings. 

So you can’t question the authenticity and motivation of the anti-coffee point of view presented and importantly it clearly has a purpose: stopping the consumption of coffee.  It strikes me that purpose or empowering everyone with a purpose – good, bad or otherwise – is one of the keys to building society 2.0.  it seems that such a purpose creates the focus for a conversation or at least dialogue within society.  

But it also is true that the why and what of the purpose is extremely important.  What is the back story and how did the communicator arrive at that point of view?  This is important to create the right context.  It is here that the worrying side of the autobotdom raises it’s head as there is no immediate disclaimer or “I believe this because” … granted I could find out but if automated systems are being used to deploy a purposeful point of view it clearly empowers that POV in a way that having to search, analysis and respond manually can’t.  Imagine if this practice became derigour a whole new branch of propaganda could be created that would undermine the idea of 2.0 society.  The biggest autobot wins scenario …



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4 responses to “Coffee Futures & Autobots

  1. I think the critical missing piece of the puzzle is sentiment. Whilst it is possible to get ‘autobots’ to crawl through the webosphere searching out words and phrases, unless they can also understand context and value then it is useless as your post explains.
    I am all for an automated tool to help me reduce the time I spend on search but if it can understand sentiment as well… then I would put my hand in my pocket and pay.

  2. Sat

    Reckon it’s less a case of autobot and more a case of “decepticon.” Yes I was a big fan of Tranformers but thoroughly disappointed by the recent Stephen Spielberg Blockbuster.

    Nevertheless, the fact that you were autoboted on one topic sparked dialogue on something completely different. Sometimes this aint such a bad thing…I think back to a time when I waxed lyrical to a bunch of consumer journalists about international technology standards. If only someone would butt in change the topic!

    The point being that in our everyday lives, it’s the relentless bombardment of messages from a variety of sources (including those of the propaganda nature) that shapes, elevates, destroys and rebuilds communication. More importantly, it can take us to places and ideas we never imagined. I say long live the “blogbot” – it’s about time machines started having a say.

  3. Jonathan

    Thanks Sat if I any need blogbotting done on Transformers and decipticons I will let you know

  4. Sat

    I also do weddings and Bar Mitzvahs

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