Honey I Lost the Furniture

The best coffee of the year to date was consumed on a recent trip to Milan … no shock really.  But while in Italy one of the weirdest of all 2.0 stories crossed the caffeine radar.  This was the news that in the Habbo virtual world one of the residents lost their furniture.  When I say lost the evidence pointed to it being stolen.  The perpetrator apparently set up a site that looked like Habbo.  The furniture speculator then captured the names and passwords of those who entered and then used these to get into the real habbo sites take their furniture and deposit it in his own Habbo world.  Now given that furniture in Habbo or any virtual world is only a collection of pixels and at times only vaguely resembles real life items this is may seem no great loss.  However, this overlooks the value of these digital objects to the communities, for instance Josh Hargreaves aged 3 has become very attached to the disco floor in his igloo in club Penguin.  Now he only has a vague idea of what a disco actually is so something quite strange is happening as the first second-life generation grow up believing in things that have digital value but no meaning in the real world.  It has got to influence how they relate to the world.  So onto more adult matters  … webcam sex.  ITV which I suppose was one of the first virtual worlds had a programme on how the web was changing the world of sexual relations last night.   The show complete with Dear Deirdrie concluded that that webcam sex involving two viewers/surfers  who were married but not to each other was the same thing as cheating in the real world.  So the same question as with the virtual furniture thief would this stand up as the same thing in the court of law?   Clearly as the first second-life generation grows up these issues are only going to get more convoluted.   The show also speculated that the web has caused a 25% increase in infidelity brought about by the increasing ease of networking.  So to borrow from a scene in When Harry Met Sally that an awful lot of arguing over who gets the wagon wheel coffee table …



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6 responses to “Honey I Lost the Furniture

  1. dertynixs

    As Habbo is a client of mine we were watching with interest the coverage that surrounded the court case that you mention. Most articles were pretty tongue in cheek with many assuming that this was the online equivalent of playground tittle tattle.

    However whilst taking another person’s property is stealing, regardless of whether it resides in the real or virtual world, creating a site that impersonates Habbo is also an infringement of copyright and theft of intellectual property – something that companies both on and offline, quite rightly, take very seriously.

  2. Alpana

    So the real world sleeze follows us into our utopic world. Where is the respite? Then why not concentrate on make the real world a happier place and fill it with warmth that we can never experience in the virtual world

  3. Online payments, website security – the sex industry drives every great innovation on the web.

    It’ll be interesting to see if Nicholas Negroponte’s “Being Digital” predictions for virtual sex come true thanks to the virtual world generation.

    I suppose it’s not surprising. After all, sex and death are humanity’s two great obsessions. It’s what all great art is about so there’s no reason why it shouldn’t dominate the internet too!

  4. Jonathan

    You missed one what about birth, sex and death … so check out Westerfake’s comments on being born with an online identity

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