Pub or Blog?



So the coffee question that’s been on my mind for the last few quarters:  is the online conversation today the same as the conversation in the pub or even coffee shop?  Well it clearly depends on the company you keep.   But if five years ago you were  to treat the rantings , ruminations and postings on bulletin boards, proto-blogs and use groups as a proxy to views on the broader ‘real’ world then it would have led to some pretty flawed analysis and decisions.   However, today with the scale of the online jawing and the new tools to monitor, analyses, catalogue and cross reference influencers do we now have the luxury of assuming that online and broader word-of-mouth are the same conversations?

A quick dipstick of the blogosphere gives a clear anecdotal answer:  you are going to be making decisions weighted in favour of sandal wearing values.  Let’s face it even housewife technology reviewer is hardly normal of her peer group.   Yet this may not be the relevant point the kitchen-based lap top reviewer may not be a-typical, however, she may be the influencer- the thought starter if you like. 

So back to the pub – slash – coffee shop.  Is n’t  this how conversations always started essentially with the curious or argumentative challenging someone who really knew their onions.   Indeed I am sure sociologists will insist there has always been a conversational hierarchy.   The ManU fan’s opinion on Ronaldo will always be sought as they will have watched him the most and will give the most passionate defence or support.  True we would be foolish to treat this view as objective so then perhaps we consult our drinking partner who played right wing for the pub team as having some expert objectivity in the matter and from there obviously the argument escalates until I reach the conclusion they should still have bought Berbatov to stand a chance of winning the league.  

So now it seems to me that this process is clearly happening in the online world with a dynamic which if it not exactly conversational is pretty to a dialogue.  This still leaves me the questions are the topics the same in both environments?  And then even if is so who are these darn influencers and would you trust and online influencer if you met them in the street to same degree?


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2 responses to “Pub or Blog?

  1. Fruit of

    Cold Jabberwocky….

    Having ruminated over the topic for the last few quarters Jon, I’m guessing you typed it up after a couple of swift ones in the not-so-metaphorical pub:

    “So now it seems to me that this process is clearly happening in the online world with a dynamic which if it not exactly conversational is pretty to a dialogue.”

    However to your whimsical and slightly generalised point, you’re quite right. Those participating in the majority of online conversations at the moment are broadly overly-earnest and tediously dull (example:

    Indeed, I presume they have resorted to discussing things online because people in the real world simply walk off when they start blathering on about meaningless crap (example:

    And of course most are driven only by self-promotion (example:

    Anyway, back to your analogy. I’d suggest it’s a wine bar. It’s full of middle class sauvignon sippers, spouting off about their day in the office; exaggerating both their knowledge and importance (example:

    More to the point, misbehave and you meet merely with a bit of tutting and your victims generally encouraging their friends not to speak to you.

    I’m looking forward to the day when the heavily tattooed get bored of watching streaming porn and swan down the local virtual wine bar.

    Suggest Ferguson has to buy Berbatov to one of them and you’ll get a 2.fist in your face. Everyone knows this Man Utd team operates without a traditional English striker like that Bulgarian….

  2. Jonathan

    If there is one thing that the 2.0 wine bar has established I hope it is the end of those salty pedants and their middle England down to earth … oohh dear look at that misused hyphen view of the world. Mr Bruce has every right to share his views, promote them and be earnest (even if he couldn’t inspire Wigan). Your faux Sauvigon snobbery reeks of kind of immodesty that would be better placed on a sarcastic if slightly wry social network for jabbering classes.

    This is just one man’s view and yes clearly I should read what I write more carefully.

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