I am still rather stung by the vitriol coming from ‘fruit of’s’  comment on my cold jabberwocky.   In particularly as it appears so much at odds with the mood of the moment.    I came across a fascinating technology business the other day imaginatik who have an interesting product called Ideas  Central that allows its users to democratically source ideas and feedback from the online world.  It seems that in this world of mass sourcing ideas that surely some cold jabberwocky will inevitably rise to the surface but to quote a travelling Frenchman from the 19th century to focus on this jabberwocky is to miss the point that “the moral empire of the majority is founded in part on the idea that there is more enlightenment and wisdom in many men united than one.”  Stick that in your whimsical pipe.

In fact the more I think on ‘fo’s’ agenda the more I am worried.  If the pedants such as ‘fo’ get their way and ascend to becoming the influencer and online arbitrator because the shout the loudest and most humorously  then perhaps this majority becomes tyrannous? To quote the more elegant Frenchman: “As long as the majority is doubtful one speaks but when it is irrevocably pronounced everyone becomes silent friends and enemies alike then seem to hitch themselves together to its wagon.”   

Clearly the danger of this tyranny becomes greater when anonymity is allowed to go unchallenged so in the name of all that is good would ‘fruit of’ please reveal his true identity.

Disclosure: Edelman has a commerical relationship with Imaginatik


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  1. Fruit of

    It’s quiet in here tonight, isn’t it? Nice canopes though…

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