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Man Bites Wikipedia

So here’s a surprise people amend their Wikipedia pages in a way that casts favourable light on their own reputation!   Am I the only coffee-drinker to stifle a yawn at all the pages of print that this revelation made this week?  Man bites dog and all that journalistic wisdom.  I would have been much more interested to find out who amends their entry in way that makes them look worse.  Surely there must be some reputation masochists out there and I for one would love to hear from you.  


Thinking on this is not this ability to reply, aggregate a view and let a democratic process determine the facts a defining element of 2.0.  In fact with the ability for American individuals and companies to reply to comments made about them in stories carried on google are we in fact entering a golden age of accountability?  As was once said about the second world war “From A Many Mangled Truth a War Is Won.”  Yet today it seems as if there is little that is not known or blogged on Iraq military operations.  In July allegedly the head of the army even felt obliged to give the Daily Telegraph context on the fact that British forces were over stretched.  Maybe we are all becoming reputation masochists after all?


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